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Police Communication




Name Rank Contact Details Photograph
Shri. B. Jha, IPS Addl. D.G.P. Communication 0671-2300822 (O)

0671-2300822 (FAX)

Shri B.N. Das,OPS-I S.P. Signal 0671-2300079 (O)

0671-2300079 (FAX)


The Odisha Police Signals Establishment was established in the year 1946 with 6 HF Stations at different district Hqrs. to cater to the communication needs of State Police.

At present there are 68 High Frequency Wireless Stations, 2149 VHF Stations (Static/Mobile), 32 MCW links, 77 High Frequency Radio Telephony Terminals, 12 V-Sat Terminals, 25 Data Communication Equipments (Airmail), 21 Cryptography Centres and two Pigeon Centres functions in the State.

With a view to assist police administration in maintenance of law and order and to curb Naxal activities, 34 numbers of Manpack VHF sets were issued permanently to different Police Personnel of the State during the year. Similarly, 30 numbers of Static VHF Stations and 33 numbers of mobile VHF sets were installed permanently in different P.Ss. mobile vehicles and P.C.R. vehicles in the State. 16 numbers of VHF Stations were installed temporarily for communication in flood affected areas of the state from June to November, 2015. To assist Police Administration in maintenance of law and order during festive occasions, VVIP/ VIP visits etc. 4679 Static/ Mobile VHF sets and 6104 W/T sets were temporarily deployed in a phased manner.

Odisha Police Signals Establishment is providing prompt and quick service to the Police administration as well as people of odisha through various communication network which is highly appreciated by State Police authorities and State Govt.. Besides, this establishment is always trying to clear justified, confidential and secret infromation/ Messages immediately withoput delay to destination though modern communication equipment available due to rapid improvement of Science and Technology.


Odisha Police in 1946 launched the pigeon service, the first of its kind in the country for transmission of police messages, when communication technology was still at a rudimentary stage. It was the utility of the service during calamities like floods and cyclones that made the police cling to it despite protests from the administration for a long time. Headquartered in Cuttack, the Pigeon Wing has several golden moments in the past to cherish, including the one when one of its pigeons flew from Cuttack to Sambalpur, to announce in advance, the arrival of the then Prime Minister, Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru to inaugurate the Hirakud dam in 1948 , the pigeons took just five hours to deliver the message. The birds played a stellar role during the floods of 1982 when the sub divisional town of Banki was inundated and totally cut off from the district headquarters of Cuttack. With wireless links snapped between the two places, pigeons were the only means of communication between the beleaguered cities. During the aftermath of super cyclone in 1999 that brought down communication links in coastal areas for days the pigeons proved effective in sending messages. But their role is progressively shrinking in view of information technology boom.

The birds kept in lofts at these places can fly non-stop up to about 800 km at a stretch at speeds ranging from 80 to 90 km per hour. The speed depends a lot on wind conditions and congeniality of the route. The impediments that the birds encounter during their journey could be of various kinds including predatory species like hawks or a food-laden trap laid by some wily bird trapper. Normally, though, the highly trained birds do not stop on the way for food or water which they prefer to take only after accomplishing the mission.

Types of Pigeon :-

There are three types of pigeon such as "Homing Pigeon" is a specific breed of pigeon with increased homing capabilities. "Racing Pigeons" are homing pigeons bred to fly fast over long distances. "Carrier Pigeons" are homing pigeons as well, but today's breed of carrier pigeons are weak flyers and mostly admired for their physical features rather than their homing

Category of Pigeon service :-

Depending on the kind of services they render the birds are categorised into Static, Boomerang and Mobile categories, each defined by its own special characteristics. The Static is a one-way service of special use during floods and cyclones whereas the Boomerang, which is two-way, helps maintain connection between police stations situated in far off areas. The Mobile service pigeons, on the other hand, are carried by police units on the move and used for the purpose of communicating with the headquarter.

At present, 150 pigeons are available in 2 pigeon centres i.e. at Central Breeding Loft, Cuttack and PTC, Angul. These pigeons are kept ready for deployment during State Level Functions/ Ceremonial Parade in the State to glorify peace and harmony. The pigeons were released on 27 occasions in the State Level Functions.