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State Crime Records Bureau,Bhubaneswar


Name Rank Contact Details Photograph
Shri Rajesh Kumar, IPS Director State Crime Record Bureau,
Odisha, Bhubaneswar
94389-15992(CUG Mob.)
E-mail :
Shri D. Pattnaik,IPS D.I.G.P SCRB 0674-2586114(Office)
94389-15988(CUG Mob.)


State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) was created on 23.07.1988 vide Home Dept. Resolution No.40464 consisting of the erstwhile PoliceComputerCenter and Finger Print Bureau.

Now, the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System is being implemented throughout the country including Odisha. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) Project is a centrally sponsored Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan which aims to fully modernize the Police organizations in the country. CCTNS is intended to ensure that Police maintains all its crime and criminals data in online system and citizens have access to police services online and in a hassle free manner.

In Odisha, CCTNS Project will cover 784 locations, including 581 Police Stations, 110 SDPO/ACP Offices, 36 SP/DCP Offices, 7 Range offices, 1 Railway Range office, 37 Police Control Rooms, Office of the Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, EOW, STF, State Intelligence Wing, Operations Wing, State Police Head Quarters and other Higher Police Offices of Odisha.

A common Core Application Software (CAS) for the whole Country has been recently developed by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) centrally. The Odisha specific state customization of the above software is currently in progress.

Data Centre infrastructure has been set up at State Data Centre in Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC) for hosting the Core Application Software, while installation of Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) is in progress at National Data Centre, New Delhi.

45 Training centres have been established to provide training to Police Personnel.

Under CCTNS Project, Solar energy back up system will be installed at 161 Power deficit Police Stations through OREDA, Bhubaneswar at the cost of Rs.6,57,23,700/- from Police Modernization fund.

A “Citizen Portal” was launched on a Pilot basis as part of CCTNS project in July, 2014. It has enabled citizens to make their complaints on line and know the progress of criminal cases and service requests made by them at the click of a button, without making repeated trips to Police Stations.

Out of 581 Police Stations taken up under CCTNS Project, 564 Police Stations are using the Core Application Software.


The State Finger Print Bureau was created on 1st April 1936 with formation of separate State of Odisha.

Finger Print Units have been functioning in 32 Districts since 2002 and since 2008, with 06 AFIS (Automated Finger Print Identification System) Work Stations at SCRB, AFIS (Remote Query Terminal) RQTs have been installed in 34 Police Districts including SsRP, Cuttack and Rourkela and one at CID, CB, Hdqrs., Cuttack.

During this year, Finger Print Slips of 189 Convicts were classified , digitized and verified in AFIS database and main record of FPB.

AFIS database has a record of digitized FP slips of 1,86,714 arrestees and convicts and 5226 unidentified Chance Finger Prints.

During this year, Finger Print Slips of 1,508 Arrestees were digitized, searched and recorded.

Finger Print Slips of 176 Convicts and 5,310 Arrestees have been sent to National Crime Records Bureau, New-Delhi for search and record during the year, 2015.

288 Cases (Scene of Crime Chance Print Cases- 277, Government Cases-09 and Private Cases- 02) were examined during the year 2015 and opinion furnished.

Training on Finger Print Science has been imparted to 251 Police Officers, Scientific Officers of State FSL and Judiciary Officers.


In 24 cases, 47 Chance Finger Prints collected from the scene of crime have been successfully identified with 31 criminals and results have been promptly communicated to District Authorities which helped the Investigating Officers in investigation.

In 11 cases (09 Govt. cases & 02 Civil cases), criminals have been successfully identified through Finger Prints which helped in prosecution of the cases.

Finger Print Slips of 276 Arrestees and Convicts have been traced with their conviction particulars / criminal antecedents through Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS). Besides, 3 chance prints have been identified with criminals through AFIS.