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Executive orders Archives.

Office Order/Notification Number with Date Subject
1152/Pers-I, Dt. 23.12.2019. Retirement of Inspectors of Police from Government Service.
1129/Pers-II, Dt. 10.12.2019. Discharge of Ex-Deputy Subedar Manoj Kumar Jena of OSAP 1st (SS) Battalion, Sambalpur on his own resignation.
1084/Pers-II, Dt. 29.11.2019. Result of Drivers of Districts/SS Bns. of 95th Batch of Driving & Maintenance Course of Training.
1082/Pers-II, Dt. 29.11.2019. Sri Dibakar Moharana, Inspector of PMT Estt. Cuttack is allowed to retire from service on superannuation pension and discharged from force wef. 31.03.2020 PM.
1056/Min, Dt. 15.11.2019. Functioning of a new Section namely "Conference & Meeting Section (C&M Section) at State Police Hdqrs. Odisha, Cuttack.
987/Pers-I, Dt. 19.10.2019. Paper Posting of 332 DCSIs to Districts/ Establishments for drawl of their Salary.
937/Pers-II, Dt. 27.09.2019. Shri Purna Chandra Das, Insp. PMT Estt is allowed to retire from Government Service on superannuation Pension.
913/OP, Dt. 21.09.2019. Shri Susil Kumar Mishra, OPS (SAG), A.I.G of Police, State Police Hdqrs, Cuttack shall function as A.I.G of Police (Personnel) .
865/Pers-II, Dt. 05.09.2019. Partial modification of Office Order No. 696/Pers-II, Dt. 03.10.2017.
843/Pers-II, Dt.29.08.2019. Retirement of Deputy Subedar Sri Nihar Kanta Swain from Government Service.
775/Pers-I, Dt.17.08.2019. Change of Cadre of Constables.
667/Pers-II, Dt.12.07.2019. Cancellation of Redeployment of Sepoy/280, Deubhanj Pradhan.
643/Pers-II, Dt.02.07.2019. Result of Drivers of Districts/ SS Bns. of 94th Batch Driving & Maintenance Course of Training .
631/Pers-I., Dt.29.06.2019. Allow to retire from Government service of R.I Shri Kishore Kumar Pradhan w.e.f 30.06.2019 PM.
616/Pers-II., Dt.21.06.2019. Cancellation of Redeployment of Sepoy/350 Mourice Kiro.
571/Pers-II., Dt.01.06.2019. Resignation of Ex-Subedar Jagamohan Sethy of Security Wing, Bhubaneswar.
557/Pers-II., Dt.27.05.2019. Redeployment of Sepoys/Constables.
Order, Dt.16.05.2019. Reporting order of Newly recruited Cadet Sub-Inspectors & Sergeants of Police at BPSPA, Bhubaneswar on Dt.27.05.2019 AM.
Order, Dt.06.05.2019. Postpone of Joining of Newly recruited Cadet S.I & Sergeant of Police.
461/Min., Dt.30.04.2019. Retirement of Sri Ambika Prasad Panda, from Government Service.
454/Pers-II., Dt.29.04.2019. Retirement of Fitter Inspector of PMT Estt. from Government Service.
450/Pers-II., Dt.27.04.2019. Resignation of Subedar Rabi Sankar Gamanga of OSAP 4th Bn. Rourkela.
448/Pers-I, Dt.27.04.2019. Appointment of 327 newly recruited Cadet Sub-Inspectors of Police on 07/05/2019 at BPSPA Bhubaneswar- Joining Instructions .
449/Pers-I, Dt.27.04.2019. Appointment of 24 newly recruited Cadet Sergeants of Police on 07/05/2019 at BPSPA Bhubaneswar- Joining Instructions .
441/Pers-I, Dt.25.04.2019. Retirement of Drill Inspector Panchanan Das of PTC, Angul from Govt. Service .
411/Pers-II, Dt.03.04.2019. Creation of three posts of Asst. Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI) in Detective Dog Squad unit.
374/Pers-II, Dt.25.03.2019. Discharge of Ex- Dy. Subedar D.Dalai of SOG, Bhubaneswar from Force.
284/Min, Dt.28.02.2019. Re-designation of Senior Assistant (Ex-Cadre) as Assistant Section Officer (Ex-Cadre).
283/Min, Dt.28.02.2019. Re-designation of Senior Assistant as Assistant Section Officer.
138/Pers-I, Dt.11.02.2019. Seniority of OASIs.
124/Pers-II, Dt.05.02.2019. Retirement of Fitter Inspectors of PMT Establishment from Govt. Service.
103/Pers-II, Dt.29.01.2019. Retirement of Subedars of different Battalions from Govt. Service.
135/Pers-II, Dt.07.01.2019. Result of Drivers of Districts/ SS Bns. of 93rd Batch Driving & Maintenance Course of Training .