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Police Circular Order

PCO No Subject
377 Implementation of the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of india on the incidents of lynching.
376 Timely Compliance to direction of Hon’ble High Court of Orissa and Supreme Court of India.
375 Deputy Subedars and Sergeants (Presently renamed as S.I Armed) shall be posted to SOG for not less than 2 years, after passing A.E.T course of training.
374 Safety and Security of Senior Citizens.
373 Guidelines regarding life span of security gadgets and procedure of its condemnation and disposal.
372 Disposal of Mal Items.
371 Timely compliance of directions of Hon’ble Courts including High Court of Orissa and Supreme Court of India.
370 Modification of PCO-339/2013 Dtd.12.06.2013 with respect to the uniform prescribed for Police Personnel including special security Bn of Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, BBSR.
369 Creation of dedicated Range Level Bomb Detection and Disposal Squads (BDDS) and District Level Anti Sabotage Check Teams (ASCT) along with requirement of security gadgets for the teams, duties and responsibilities.
368 Raising of Odisha Swift Action Force (OSAF).
367 Instructions regarding playing of “Odisha Police Theme Song”.
366 Uploading of FIR in Official Website & supply of FIR upon application .
365 Police Circular Order No.365/2016.
364 Implementation of the Orders of Hon'ble High Court,Delhi in WP(C)No.8889/2011 : Procedure to be followed in Connection with Juveniles in Conflict with Law .
363 Amendments of PCO No.362/2016 regarding fixation of timelines for delivery of services under Citizen Portal & deposit of fees under head of Govt. Accounts.
362 Fixing of timelines for delivery of Services under Citizen Portal.
361 Police Circular Order No.361/2016 Dt.06.05.2016 with respect to the Uniform Prescribed for Police Personnel of Marine Police, Odisha Industrial Security Force (OISF) & Tourist Police of Odisha Police.
360 Modification of PCO-339/2013 Dt.12.06.2013 With Respect to the Uniform prescribed for Police Personnel Including Special Security Bn of Police Commissionerate, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack,Bhubaneswar.
359 Close User Group (CUG) mobile phone for field posts in Odisha Police..
358 Procedure for procuring of Subscriber Details Record (SDR), Call Details Record (CDR), Customer Acquisition Form (CAF).
357 Modification in Procedure of filling Integrated Investigation Forms for implimentation of Core Application Software under CCTNS Project.
356 Preventive measures to curb Highway Rubbery on Commercial Vehicles.
355 Preventive measures to curb Tender Mafia .
354 Reimburesement of expenditure at Police Station level as per revised norms fixed by the Government.
353 Investigation of Cases by Inspector of Police
352 Monitoring of progress of investigation & trial of RED FLAG CASE.
351 Procedure for submission of Case Diary/Criminal antecedent reports/instructions/injury reports in BLAPL matters, writ etc as and when received from Hon'ble High Court of Odisha.
350 Submission of Check list U/S 41(1)(b)(ii) Cr.PC by the IO while forwarding the accused to Court as directed by Apex Court in Criminal Appeal No.1277 of 2014
349 Procedure to be adopted during investigation of Rape/Gang Rape Cases.
348 Regarding utilisation of Odisha Police Passport verification Fund
347 Guidelines for direct promotion of Sepoys/Constables of Battallions to the rank of Havildar with amendment in (Clause-1 of Para-3)
346 Transfer and Posting of Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police.
345 Written Examination of Constables to undergo ASI’s course of training.
344 Registration of FIR in all missing children reports
343 Standard Operating Procedure for investigation of crime against women
342 Police Circular Order No.342/13 Regarding Transfer (On deputation) of Civil Constables with amendment Dt.06.09.2013
341 Police Circular Order No.341/13 with amendment Dt.05.09.2013 and amendment in Sub Clause-4 of Clause-A
340 Submission of Quarterly and Monthly Crime Review
339 Prescribed uniform items, their life period and scale of issue for different Ranks of Police personnel in Odisha Police
338 Prompt investigation and prosecution of crime against women
337 Induction of Constables/Sepoys and Havildars in the Security Wing of SB, Odisha
336 Women and Child Cells, Helpline and Protection PCR Vans.
335 Disposal/Destruction of seized Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances.
334 Logo of Biju Patnaik Sate Police Academy.
333 E-mail Account.
332 Insignia for SOG personnel of Orissa Police.
331 Timely submission of pension cases.
330 Provision of uniforms for the follower orderlies of Orissa Police.
329 Use of ceremonial uniforms by the police personnel of Orissa Police (From the Rank of Constable/Sepoy to Havildar) on ceremonial occasions.
328 Arm badge for the personnel of Orissa Police
327 Examination of Cases involving Voice analysis & Speaker Identification at SFSL,BBSR.
326 Corruption on trucking operation in India.
325 To generate FIR & Other Investigation details using CIPA Software.
324 Not Published
323 Immediate medical aid in Road accident to injured persons.
322 Avoidance of undue electronic and print media exposure of accused persons, properties etc. to be put up in TI Parade.
321 Duties and functions of DCRB Staff.
320 Provision of Armed Police Force to Industrial organisations and private sector concerns on payment of cost.
319 Revised format for supervision notes of senior Police Officers.
318 Timely as well as prompt transmission of vital information by field Officers and its proper collection and collation at the Headquarters for information of higher quarters of Govt.
317 Instructions in strengthening security arrangements of the Dists /Bns. Armoury.
316 Use of Arms badges by Police Officers of Orissa Police
315 Court attendance to depose evidence by Officers/Men of Orissa Police
314 Prevention and detection of forcible collection of “Chanda” on festive occasions by anti-social elements in the State.
313 Duties and functions of finger print officers.
312 Provision of protection/Assistance to CESCO officials/Employees during disconnection of electric supply and collection of electric charges from consumers.
311 Training of Asst. Driver in constable course of trainings.
310 Amendment to Clause -9 of Police Order No.203
309 To check misuse of Police Vehicle.
308 Instruction to combat naxal attacks.
307 Preventive measures against escape of prisoners from Police Custody.
306 Procedure of declaring persons avoiding arrest as absconders – deletion of P.C.O. 246/82 regarding register of shown absconders in C.S.
305 Quarterly Range level SSP Conference.
304 Collection of finger print record slips of arrested persons as per Section – 4 of I.P. Act at Police Stations consignment thereof.
303 Disposal of seized/confiscated Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.
302 Promotion of Band/Bugler Constables to the rank of Band Havildar in District Police.
301 Assault on field Officials of the Government.
300 Addenda to PCO No.299/1999 instruction regarding submission of daily situation reports(DSR) of the Districts to the State Police Headquarters Control Room, Cuttack (STAPOL).
299 Instruction regarding submission of daily situation report (DSRs) of the District to the State Police Headquarters Control Room, Cuttack (STAPOL).
298 Chief Enquiry Officer for redressal of public grievances.
297 Charter of duties of public awareness wing.
296 Appearance on TV – Permission from competent Authority be taken.
295 Accident Cases and provision of copies of documents.
294 Maintenance of Public Order – Regular detention under the National Security Act, 1980.
293 Training of Assistant Drivers in Constable Course of Training
292 Introduction of Community Policing in the State.
291 Special Police Squad for detection of trafficking of liquor, narcotic substances and other contraband goods.
290 Verification of Character and antecedents of candidates before their appointment in Govt. Service.
289 Emphasis on prevention and investigation of cases of rape particularly sexual exploitation of girls under false promises of marriage.
288 Execution of NBW/BW/DW etc.
287 Utilisation of services of photography trend constables and functioning of Photo Cell in the District Hdqrs.
286 Transfer of Government Servant
285 Need for pursuing of appeal in cases acquitted by Sessions Court
284 Forcible Collection of Chanda
283 Exhibits to be despatched in trap cases
282 Cancellation of P.C.O 278/94 regarding Principle of promotion of Sergeants/Drill Sub-Inspectors to the rank of Reserve Inspector/Drill Inspector
281 Return of Examined Exhibits
280 Uniform for Commando Force of Orissa Special Armed Police
279 Examination of High Explosives
278 Principle of promotion of Reserve Inspectors/Subedars/Drill Inspectors to the rank of Assistant Commandant
277 Disposal of Mob-Aim-Low fire control and direction
276 Cases under Maritime Zones of India Act 1981 to be treated as S.R. cases
275 Investigation of dowry death and atrocity deaths – Assistance to the H.A. & D.D. establishment staff by district Ss.P.
274 Training Instruction of P.S.I.
273 Procedure for disposal of petitions containing allegations of atrocities offences under the P.C.R. Act & Dowry Offences.
272 Police Registered System – Collection of Finger Print Slips at Police Station – Consignment thereof
271 Police Computerization Programme – Usage of the system & training of personnel
270 Problem of atrocities against members of SC/ST and also special attention to dowry death etc. – obtaining of approval from D.I.G. H.A. & D.D.
269 All cases of dowry death will be taken up for investigation by H.A. & D.D. cell
268 Collection of finger print of accused convicted under Railway Police Act
267 Delay in writing of Supervision note by G.Os.
266 Mention of details of Insurance Certificate of vehicles involved in accidents in the seizure list – instructions thereof.
265 Training of Asst. Drivers in Constables Course for training
264 Guide lines for making arrest by Police Officers
263 Instructions regarding escort of prisoners
262 Procedure of Departmental proceedings and responsibility of the E.O.
261 Expeditious investigation of accident cases in view of Sec. 167(5) Cr.P.C. 1973
260 Checking of motor vehicles by Police Officers
259 Use of prescribed bail bond form by Police Officer when releasing accd person on bail
258 Non -execution of warrant of arrest
257 Duties, responsibilities & service condition for the operators of Police recreation Centres
256 Extension of operation of single digit system of State finger print Bureau
255 Introduction of use of Chevron by O.R. Havildars
254 Submission of Zimanamas along with Charge Sheet by the I.O. to the Court
253 Deployment of Police dogs for detective work
252 Construction of all new Buildings taken up by O.P.H.W.C.
251 Attendance of regular roll calls by suspended Officers/men
250 Distribution of duties between Head Assistants and Head Clerk.
249 Provision of guards to p