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Coastal security.

(Coastal Security, Odisha)

The aim and objective of the Coastal Security Scheme is to check the export/ import of illegal arms, contraband articles in sea route, infiltration, unauthorized fishing, entry of anti national elements and to guard all vital installations along the sea coast.

Under Coastal Security Scheme Govt. of India have sanctioned 18 Marine PSs (5 MPSs in Phase-I +13 MPSs in Phase-II ) in the state to strengthen the security on entire coast of Odisha. All the Marine Police Stations have been made operational since January 2015.

The Odisha coast has 487 kms long coast line. The Odisha Police conducts regular / periodic assessments of the Coastal Security scenario to assess any illegal immigration emanating from sea. To keep the integrated approach in the State regular patrolling in the sea as well as on the land are being conducted by Fast Interceptor Boats and vehicles provided to the MPSs. The fishermen communities residing on the sea shore areas are being informed to remain alert to the situation and to collect intelligence and to intimate in time. To sensitize the fishermen community, coastal security awareness programme has been conducted every month. A monthly security drill SAJAG is being conducted regularly for extensive checking and verification of documents of all the fishing vessels operating at sea. To check the authenticity of fishermen residing in coastal villages, 80 nos of NPR card readers has been issued to all the 18 Marine PSs in the state. An Intelligence Sharing Meeting is being conducted every month at CG Hdqrs., Paradeep with all the stake holders.

To generate confidence in the minds of general public/ fishermen community and to ensure coordination among the stake holders all total 10 Coastal Security Exercise and 08 Combined Coastal Security. Due to operation of interceptor boats, Odisha police has acquired seafaring capability up to 5 nautical miles. Functioning of Marine Police Stations have instilled confidence among fishermen community and they are extending full co-operation.

All the coastal SsP are instructed to give protection to Olive Ridley Turtles by performing patrolling.