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Odisha Auxiliary Police Force.

Government have Created Odisha Auxiliary Police Force for absorption of Special Police Officers who have completed three years of contractual engagement satisfactorily Vide   Home Department Resolution No. 40725/D&A dtd.16.10.2012.

Govt. of Odisha Home Dept. letter No.40733 Dt.16.10.2012 regarding Creation of Post for Odisha Auxiliary Police Force Constituted Vide Resolution No. 40725 Dt. 16.10.2012.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • The members of the Force shall have the same duties and responsibilities as that of regular Police.

  • They will be designated as Constable (OAPF).

  • The District superintendent of Police will be the Appointing Authority of the members of the Force.

  • Full Command and Disciplinary Powers including award of major penalties to the members of the Force will vest in the District superintendent of Police or the Commandant of the Armed Police Battalions or any other Unit Head of the rank of S.P. or above to which units such members may be attached as per the direction of the DG & IG of Police.


  • Uniform of OAPF Constables will be similar to APR Constables of Civil Police.

  • They will wear shoulder badge written as OAPF.


  • The OAPFs have undergone the Basic Course of Training of SPOs (Tribal Youth) for a period of 90 working days.

  • They will undergo six months Basic Training Course for Recruit Constables of Civil Police.

  • They will be deployed at Police Stations and outposts.

  • The drawal of pay and allowances of these constables will be done in the office of the police districts where they will be posted.

  • In addition to their normal Police duty, these constables will also work in the various welfare activities like ‘Ama Police’, ‘Mahila & Sishu Desk’ and Reception Centres of the Police Station concerned.