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Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
73. O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack. 22.12.2016 Cashless Transaction Awareness Programme by O.S.A.P 6th BN., Cuttack.
72. Commissionrate Police, Cuttack. 19.12.2016 A Blood Donation Camp by Commissionrate Police, Cuttack.
71. O.S.A.P. 6th BN. Cuttack. 16.12.2016 Diabetes Sensitization Programme organised by OSAP 6th BN. Cuttack.
70. Balugaon P.S. Khurda. 16.12.2016 Workshop on Senior Citizens by Balugaon P.S. Khurda District.
69. O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack. 14.12.2016 Swatchha Bharat Programme organised by O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack.
68. Gopalpur Police Station. 11.12.2016 Road Safety Awareness Campaign by Gopalpur P.S.
67. Jajpur Police District. 27.11.2016 A Blood Donation Camp by Kalinga Nagar P.S. Jajpur District.
66. Rourkela Police District. 27.11.2016 Janasampark Sibira by Rourkela Police District.
65. Nayagarh Police District. 25.11.2016 Janasampark Maitri Utsav by Nayagarh Police District.
64. Asika P.S. Ganjam. 23.11.2016 Traffic Awareness Campaign by Asika P.S. Ganjam.
63. Malkangiri Police District. 17.11.2016 Destroyed 5 acres of cannabis cultivation by Malkangiri Police District.
62. Asika Police Station,Ganjam. 17.11.2016 Traffic Awareness Campaign by Asika P.S., Ganjam.
61. Aska Police Station,Ganjam. 04.10.2016 Fire Safety Awareness Campaign by Ama Police Samiti, Aska P.S. Ganjam.
60. Tirtol P.S. Jagatsinghpur. 04.10.2016 Traffic Awareness Campaign by Tirtol Police Station Jagatsinghpur.
59. Commissionrate Police Cuttack. 19.09.2016 Police-Public Interface and Free Health Camp by UPD Cuttack.
58. Gopalpur P.S. Berhampur. 12.09.2016 Awareness Programme on Witch Craft by Gopalpur P.S. Berhampur.
57. Berhampur Traffic P.S. Berhampur. 07.09.2016 Traffic Awareness Campaign By Berhampur Traffic P.S., Berhampur.
56. Burla P.S. Sambalpur. 05.09.2016 Blood donation camp by Burla P.S. Sambalpur.
55. Deogarh Police District. 31.08.2016 Project Sikhya Organised by Deogarh Police District.
54. Baisinga P.S. Mayurbhanj. 28.08.2016 Swachha Baisinga Abhiyan by Baisinga P.S, Mayurbhanj.
53. Crime Branch, Odisha. 24.08.2016 Operation Muskan –II by Crime Branch, Odisha.
52. Rayagada Police District. 09.08.2016 Free Health Camp by Rayagada Police District, Rayagada.
51. Udala P.S, Mayurbhanj Police District. 02.08.2016 Dengue and Malaria awareness campaign by Udala P.S, Mayurbhanj.
50. O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack. 01.08.2016 Dengue awareness Programme by O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack.
49. Kaliapani P.S. Jajpur Police District. 31.07.2016 Blood Donation Camp by Kaliapani P.S, Jajpur.
48. Commissionrate Police Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 31.07.2016 Plantation programme lunched by Commissionrate Police Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.
47. Dhusuri Police Station, Bhadrak District. 29.07.2016 Workshop on Cyber Crime organized by Dhusuri P.S, Bhadrak.
46. O.S.A.P 6th Bn. Cuttack. 28.07.2016 Plantation programme lunched by O.S.A.P 6th Bn. Cuttack.
45. Bhadrak Police District,Bhadrak. 26.07.2016 A Blood Donation Camp Organized by Bhadrak Police District,Bhadrak.
44. Tihidi Police Station, Bhadrak. 22.07.2016 Workshop on Cyber Crime by Tihidi P.S. Bhadrak.
43. Jajpur Police District, Jajpur. 20.07.2016 A Seminar on Women Trafficking by Jajpur Police District,Jajpur .
42. Tihidi Police Station, Bhadrak. 13.07.2016 Dengue Awareness Rally by Tihidi P.S. Bhadrak..
41. Commissionerate Police Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 12.07.2016 Mega Blood Donation Camp by Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack .
40. Commissionerate Police ,Cuttack. 08.07.2016 Safe Cycling Drive in Cuttack City by Commissionerate Police,Cuttack .
39. Sadar P.S, Commissionrate Police Cuttack. 01.07.2016 Plantation work by Sadar P.S, Commissionerate Police Cuttack.
38. Betanoti P.S, Mayurbhanj. 26.06.2016 Awareness Programme on Drug Abuse by Betanoti P.S, Mayurbhanj.
37. Commissionrate Police Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 25.06.2016 Organisation of Free Health Check-up camp by BBSR UPD.
36. Aska Police District,Ganjam. 15.06.2016 Feliciatates to H.S.C Exam Topper students by Ama Police Samiti, Aska P.S,Ganjam.
35. Tangi Police Station,Cuttack. 05.06.2016 World Environment Day-2016 observed by Tangi P.S,Cuttack.
34. Raikia P.S, Kandhamala. 03.06.2016 Janasampark Sibira Organised by Raikia P.S, Kandhamala.
33. Deogarh Police District. 01.06.2016 Prakalpa Swabhiman lunched by Deogarh Police District.
32. Dharmagarh Police Station,Kalahandi. 30.05.2016 Janasampark Sibira by Dharmagarh PS,Kalahandi.
31. Polsara Police Station,Ganjam. 29.05.2016 Swachha Polasara Abhiyan by Polsara P.S,Ganjam.
30. Junagarh P.S, Kalahandi. 29.05.2016 Janasampark Sibira By Junagarh P.S, Kalahandi.
29. Tangi P.S.,Cuttack. 19.05.2016 Jalachhatra by Ama Police Samiti Tangi P.S.
28. Malkangiri Police District. 12.05.2016 Operation Maitree launched by Malkangiri Police District.
27. Tangi P.S.,Cuttack. 12.05.2016 Road Safety Awareness Programme by Tangi P.S, Cuttack.
26. Tangi P.S.,Cuttack. 09.05.2016 Plantation Work by Ama Police Samiti Tangi P.S.
25. Tihidi Police Station,Bhadrak. 08.05.2016 Feliciation to H.S.C Exam Six Topper students by Ama Police Samiti,Tihidi P.S,Bhadrak.
24. Aska P.S,Police District Ganjam. 05.05.2016 Provision of a “Dead body carriage” by Ama Police Samiti, Aska.
23. Cuttack Police District. 01.05.2016 Cleaning Operation by Nemalo P.S. ,Cuttack.
22. Jajpur Road P.S.,Jajpur.. 25.04.2016 Humanitarian Work of Jajpur Road P.S. Ama Police Samiti.
21. Aska Police Station, Ganjam. 20.04.2016 Opening of “Jalachhatra” by Ama Police Samiti, Aska PS,Ganjam.
20. Korei P.S.,Jajpur.. 20.04.2016 Jalachhatra by Ama Police Samiti Korei P.S.Jajpur
19. Panikoili P.S.,Jajpur. 12.04.2016 Jalachhatra by Ama Police Samiti Panikoili P.S.
18. 5th IR Bn,Boudh. 03.04.2016 Cleaning of Boudh Bus Stand by 5th IRBn,Boudh.
17. Commissionerate Police. 05.04.2016 Free Health Checkup Camp by Commissionerate Police.
16. Jajpur Police District. 01.04.2016 Mega Blood Donation Camp by Dharmasala P.S. of Jajpur District.
15. OSAP 6th Bn,Cuttack. 22.03.2016 Free Dental Check-up Camp by Senior Police Officers Ladies Club.
14. Crime Branch,Odisha. 01.01.2016 to 31.01.2016 Operation Smile-II.
13. 5th IRBn,Boudh. 20.12.2015 Blood Donation Camp.
12. OSAP 6th Bn Cuttack. 09.12.2015 Blood Donation Camp.
11. Commissionerate Police,Bhubaneswar,Cuttack,Bhubaneswar. 04.11.2015 Blood Donation Camp.
10. JajpurPolice District. 28.10.2015 Awareness Campaign on De-addiction.
9. OSAP 4th Bn,Rourkela. 02.10.2015Plantation Programme by OSAP 4th Bn, Rourkela.
8. O.S.A.P. 6th Bn,Cuttack. 14.09.2015 Cancer detection programme.
7. OSAP 2nd Bn,Jharsuguda. 09.09.2015 Benevolent Deed of OSAP 2nd Bn,Jharsuguda for the Nepal Earth Quake.
6. Balichandrapur P.S.,Jajpur. 08.09.2015 Plantation Work by Ama Police Samiti of Balichandrapur P.S.
5. Crima Branch,Odisha. 30.07.2015 Operation Muskan.
4. Puri Police District. 17.07.2015 to 29.07.2015 Successful Police Arrangement during Nabakalebar Rath Yatra.
3. Mayurbhanj 01.07.2015 Operation Muskan.
2. Commissionerate Police. 27.06.2015 Pink Auto Rickshaw Project.
1. Commissionerate. 15.05.15 Free Android Mobile Application"MO SAATHI"