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Good Work 2018.

Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
38 UPD Bhubaneswar. 21.12.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Commissionerate Police Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, UPD Bhubaneswar.
37 Chhatrapur P.S. Ganjam. 21.12.2018 Road Safety Awareness Programme by Ama Police Samiti, Chhatrapur P.S., Ganjam.
36 UPD Bhubaneswar. 19.12.2018 Blood Donation Camp Organised by Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack, UPD Bhubaneswar.
35 Kisinda P.S, Sambalpur. 17.12.2018 Community Policing Programme by Kisinda P.S, Sambalpur.
34 Kisinda P.S, Sambalpur. 10.12.2018 Community Policing Programme by Kisinda P.S, Sambalpur.
33 Jamankira P.S, Sambalpur. 07.12.2018 Janasampark Sibira by Jamankira P.S. Sambalpur.
32 Naktideul P.S, Sambalpur. 05.12.2018 Community Policing Programme by Naktideul P.S. Sambalpur.
31 Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 01.12.2018 Traffic Awareness Programme by Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.
30 Signal Establishment, Cuttack. 30.11.2018 Signal Establishment of Odisha Police helping Orphans to visit Baliyatra Festival.
29 Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 26.11.2018 Inauguration of Model Police Station by Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack.
28 CID, Crime Branch. 20.11.2018 e-Challan Training Programme organised by CID, Crime Branch.
27 Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 19.11.2018 Behavioral Training Programme Organised by Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar.
26 Gania P.S, Nayagarh. 17.11.2018 Janasamparka Maitri Programme by Gania P.S. Nayagarh.
25 CID, Crime Branch. 09.11.2018 Workshop on Strengthening Enforcement under NDPS Act organised by CID, Crime Branch.
24 Commissionerate Police, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack. 09.11.2018 Workshop on First-aid and Life Saving Skill by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
23 Jenapur P.S, Jajpur. 09.11.2018 Free Yoga Camp by Jenapur P.S. Jajpur.
22 Rayagada Police District, Rayagada. 29.10.2018 Traffic Awarness Campaign by Rayagada Police District, Rayagada.
21 Orkel P.S, Malkangiri. 28.10.2018 Senior Citizen's Meeting by Am Police Samiti, Orkel P.S. Malkangiri.
20 Malkangiri Police District. 29.09.2018 Huge Cache of Ganja Seized by Malkangiri Police District.
19 Koraput Police District. 29.09.2018 Formation of an Anti-Romeo Squad by Koraput Police District.
18 Kalinga Nagar P.S, Jajpur. 13.09.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Ama Police Samti, Kalinga Nagar P.S.Jajpur.
17 Khandapada P.S, Nayagarh. 10.09.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Khandapada P.S. Nayagarh.
16 Bolagarh P.S, Khurda. 09.09.2018 Plantation Programme by "Ama Police Samiti" Bolagarh P.S. Khurda.
15 Patapur P.S, Ganjam. 08.09.2018 Awareness Campaign against Momo challenge by "Ama Police Samiti" Patapur P.S. Ganjam.
14 Jeypore Town P.S, Koraput. 06.09.2018 Awareness Campaign against Momo challenge by Jeypore Town Police Station, Koraput.
13 UPD Bhubaneswar, BBSR-CTC Commissionerate. 26.08.2018 Police-Public Interface by UPD Bhubaneswar, BBSR-CTC Commissionerate .
12 UPD Cuttack, BBSR-CTC Commissionerate. 25.08.2018 Senior Citizen's Meet by UPD Cuttack, BBSR-CTC Commissionerate.
11 Polasara P.S. Ganjam. 25.08.2018 Distribution of Identity Cards to Senior Citizen by Polasara P.S., Ganjam.
10 Gadishagoda P.S, Puri. 24.08.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Ama Police Samiti Gadishagoda P.S. Puri.
09 Berhampur Police District. 24.08.2018 Registration of Senior Citizen by Berhampur Police District.
08 Umerkote P.S, Nabarangpur. 20.08.2018 Senior Citizen's Meet by Umerkote P.S. Nabarangpur .
07 Sorada P.S, Ganjam. 31.07.2018 Plantation Programme by "Ama Police Samiti" Sorada P.S. Ganjam.
06 Hinjili P.S, Ganjam. 31.07.2018 Public Awareness Programme by Ama Police Samiti, Hinjili P.S. Ganjam.
05 Khurda Police District. 17.07.2018 Plantation Programme by Khurda Police District.
04 Fategarh P.S, Nayagarh. 29.06.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Fategarh P.S. Nayagarh.
03 Malkangiri Police District. 20.06.2018 Provision of Educational Facilities for the surrendered Maoists by Malkangiri Police District .
02 Nayagarh P.S. Nayagarh. 23.05.2018 Blood Donation Camp by Nayagarh P.S. Nayagarh.
01 Orkel P.S, Malkangiri. 16.05.2018 Felicitation to HSC Students by Ama Police Samiti, Orkel P.S. Malkangiri .