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Wireless Communication.

  • Odisha Police Signals Establishment is providing prompt and quick service to the Police administration as well as people of Odisha through various communication network.

  • The Establishment passes Information/ Messages immediately to destination though modern communication equipment.

  • 168 numbers of Manpack VHF sets were issued permanently to different Police Personnel of the State.

  • 25 numbers of Static VHF Stations and 40 numbers of mobile VHF sets were installed permanently in different P.Ss. mobile vehicles and P.C.R. vehicles in the State.

  • 16 numbers of VHF Stations were installed temporarily for communication in flood affected areas of the state.

  • To assist Police Administration in maintenance of law and order during festive occasions, VVIP/ VIP visits etc. 6717 Static/ Mobile VHF sets and 9383 W/T sets were temporarily deployed in a phased manner.

  • 03 numbers of Data Communication equipment have been installed in addition to the existing 42 nos. and 05 nos. of working POLNET stations at different District Headquarters for transaction of Messages.