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Pigeon Service.

In 1946 Odisha Police launched the Pigeon Service

(Odisha Police Carrier Pigeon Service, Central Breeding & HQR Loft,Cuttack.)

  • At present, 149 pigeons are available in 02 pigeon centers i.e. at Central Breeding Loft, Cuttack and PTC, Angul.

  • These pigeons are kept ready for deployment during State Level Functions/ Ceremonial Parade in the State to glorify peace and harmony. .

  • The pigeons were released on 26 occasions in the State Level Functions.

Types of Pigeon :-

There are three types of Pigeon such as Homing Pigeon, Racing Pigeon & Carrier Pigeon.

Homing Pigeon:- Homing Pigeon is a specific breed of pigeon with increased homing capabilities.

Racing Pigeons:-Racing Pigeons are homing pigeons bred to fly fast over long distances.

Carrier Pigeons:- Carrier Pigeons are homing pigeons as well, but today's breed of carrier pigeons are weak flyers and mostly admired for their physical features rather than their homing.

Category of Pigeon service :-

Depending on the kind of services they render, the birds are categorised into Static, Boomerang and Mobile Categories.

Static:-The Static is a one-way service of special use during floods and cyclones.

Boomerang:- Boomerang is two-way, helps to maintain connection between Police Stations situated in far off areas.

Mobile:-The Mobile service pigeons are carried by Police Units on the move and used for the purpose of communicating with the headquarter.