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Crime Against S.C

Atrocity on S.C.

In order to eradicate crime against SC, wide publicity is made through different medias, organizing meetings/khola Mancha in different rural areas by Ss.P./District Magistrates. Publication is also made through Non-Govt. organisation giving opportunity to the people of the said community to put forth their rights for which, they come forward to lodge atrocity cases voluntarily

The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (PA) Act, 1989

The Protection of Civil Rights Act-1955.

The National Commission for Backward Classes Act-1993.

National Commission for Minorities Act 1992.


1.Home Department has set up a dedicated Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes Protection Cell under the charge of I.G. of Police in the State Headquarters at Cuttack in accordance with Rule-8 of the SCs & STs (POA) Rules, 1995, vide Home Department Notification No.33416/C&HR, dtd 24.08.2012.

2. Check list regarding procedure of investigation of cases under SC/ST (POA) Act has been circulated to all Investigating Officers of Odisha Police in consultation with Director, Public Prosecutions, Odisha, Bhubaneswar.

3. Regular Field visits are being conducted by Addl. D.G. of Police, HRPC and I.G. of Police, SC/ST Protection Cell, Odisha, Cuttack.

4. SC & ST cases are being reviewed by Home Department every Quarter.

5. Training & Workshops have been conducted in collaboration with Biju Pattnaik State Police Academy for Police Officers.

Government of Odisha SC&ST Development Department letter No.1220/SSD Dt.10.01.13 regarding Ensuring non use of the word “Harijan” in respect of Scheduled Castes in Official Communications, transaction, Caste Certificates & otherwise.


In the year 2017, 1929 cases were registered, out of which 645 cases have been charge sheeted, 19 cases returned as FRT, 40 cases returned as FRMF/ML, 172 cases returned as False, 70 cases closed due to other reasons and remaining 983 cases are under investigation.

Legal aid cells have been created in 30 district Headquarters, 46 Sub-Divisional Headquarters and 314 Block Headquarters to provide legal aid to the SC & STs. 593 legal retainers have been engaged in legal cells.