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Executive Orders Archives

131/Executive, Dt.31.01.2013 Deputation of Sr. Clerk Saroja Ku Parida to PTC Angul
129/Executive, Dt.31.01.2013 Suspension of Sri Sarangadhara Panigrahi Inspector.
128/Ministerial, Dt.31.01.2013 Cancellation of transfer order of Head Clerk Bishnupriya Mishra
123/Technical, Dt.29.01.2013 Authorised to AIGP, Personnel to act as verification to file counter affidavits
119/Executive, Dt.29.01.2013 Deputation of Constables of different Districts.
116/Ministerial, Dt.28.01.2013 Joining report of Assistants of DGPO Cadre after completion of Accounts Traning
114/Technical, Dt.28.01.2013 Retirement of Sri B.K. Ratha, Inspector (Operator.)
87/Establishment, Dt.21.01.2013 Joining of SK Debata Sr Typist after availing EL
82/Ministerial, Dt.21.01.2013 Retirement of Office Supdt. Jagannath Pr Mohanty of DPO, Mayurbhanj
81/Executive, Dt.21.01.2013 CSB Result of ASIs for officiating 2000, 2002, 2004 Traning
72/Technical, Dt.19.01.2013 Retrospective promotion of Hav. Majors to the rank of Dy. Subedars.
71/Technical, Dt.19.01.2013 Retrospective promotion of Havildas to the rank of Hav. Majors.
70/Technical, Dt.19.01.2013 Joining report of Sri N.R. Samal, Jr. Typist at S.P. Hdqrs
69/Ministerial, Dt.19.01.2013 Temporary attachment of Sri A.Behera, Sr. Asst. to Coastal Security Cell.
63/Executive, Dt.18.01.2013 Assumption of higher charge on promotion PA SK Patra
62/Executive, Dt.18.01.2013 Deputation of C-913 S.K. Panda of Cuttack Dist. to CID CB
57/Establishment, Dt.18.01.2013 Allow HRA to PA Tech S.K. Patra
54/Executive, Dt.17.01.2013 Discharge from service of Inspr. Prahallad Charan Biswal, PTC, Angul
24/Executive, Dt.15.01.2013 Allowed to retire from Govt. service to Sri Krushna Ch Behera Drill Inspr. of Police, STF, CID CB
55/Board, Dt.15.01.2013 TTB result of Brass, String Band Havildars for promotion to the rank of Bank Hav. Major
20/Executive, Dt.14.01.2013 Retire from Govt. Service of Inspector of Police
19/Establishment, Dt.14.01.2013 Sanction of E.L. of Biswa Ranjan Bhoi, PA
17/Technical, Dt.10.01.2013 Retirement of Inspector (Operator)
6/Board, Dt.02.01.2013 Havildars and Constables submitted written willingness to forgo promotion to the rank of ASI of Police
5/Executive, Dt.02.01.2013 Cancellation of Order allowing retirement to Inspr P.C. Sha of PTC Angul
2/Executive, Dt.02.01.2013 Suspension of Sri H. Nayak, Inspr-in-Charge, Jarapada PS of Angul District