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Executive order

Office Order/Notification Number with Date Subject
61/Pers-I, Dt.18.01.2018 Repatriation of constables to their parent Establishment.
60/Pers-I, Dt.18.01.2018 Change of cadre of Constables.
09/Min., Dt.02.01.2018 Voluntarily Retirement from Government Service on his own representation.
1099/Pers-II, Dt.30.12.2017 Superannuation of Sri Ramanath Behera, Inspector of PMT Estt. Cuttack.
1093/Pers-II, Dt.28.12.2017 Superannuation of Subedars of different Battalions.
1087/Pers-I, Dt.26.12.2017 Repatriation of Constables to their parent Units.
1083/Pers-I, Dt.26.12.2017 Extension of deputation period of C/359 Renuka Patel.
1072/Pers-II, Dt.20.12.2017 Cancellation of deployment of Ex-Sepoy Bhaskar Chandra Samantaray, 7th Bn. Bhubaneswar.
1071/Pers-I, Dt.20.12.2017 Repatriation of Havildar/1258 Debadutta Bhukta to Angul District.
992/Board, Dt.29.11.2017 Officiating of Inspector as In-charge Dy.Supdt. of Police.
966/Pers-I, Dt.25.11.2017 Repatriation of Constable Indira Biswal to UPD, Cuttack.
940/Pers-I, Dt.21.11.2017 Cancellation of deputation of Hav/561 Susanta kumar Panigrahi.
924/Pers-I, Dt.18.11.2017 Attachment of C/555 Bhagaban Sahu to Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Berhampur.
922/Pers-II, Dt.17.11.2017 Cancellation of redeployment of Sepoy Jogendranath Pradhan.
902/Pers-II, Dt.13.11.2017 Appointment of Sri Sunil Harichandan as Deputy Subedar.
889/Pers-I, Dt.07.11.2017 Voluntarily retirement of Sri Bansidhar Moharana, Inspector of Police of CID, CB, Odisha, Cuttack from Government Service.
776/Pers-I, Dt.30.10.2017 Retirement of Drill Inspector Chittaranjan Dash from Govt. Service on superannuation.
756/Pers-II, Dt.25.10.2017 Retirement of Inspectors (Communication) from Service on Superannuation.
720/Min., Dt.11.10.2017 Voluntarily Retirement from Government Service on his own representation.
665/Pers-II., Dt.15.09.2017 Discharge of Ex-Deputy Subedar E.B.Kulu on his own representation.
581/Tech., Dt.16.08.2017 Reversion ASI of Police to the rank of Constable.
590/Tech., Dt.17.08.2017 Appointment of District Scientific Officer in State Forensic Science Laboratory Cadre.
563/Pers-II., Dt.09.08.2017 Discharge of Ex-Deputy Subedar Dileswar Behera from Force on his own resignation.
556/Pers-II., Dt.04.08.2017 Result of 89th Batch of Driving & Maintenance Course of PMT Drivers.
538/Pers-II., Dt.31.07.2017 Discharge of Ex-Deputy Subedar Deepak Tete from Force on his own representation.
458/Min., Dt.10.07.2017 Voluntarily Retirement from Government Service on his own representation.
373/Min., Dt.20.06.2017 Voluntarily Retirement from Government Service on his own representation.
325/Pers-I, Dt.30.05.2017 Retirement of Drill Inspector Narayan Chandra Sahu on superannuation.
Government of Odisha G.A Department. Dt.17.04.2017 Additional Charge of Shri Sanjay Kumar Singh,IPS as Executive Director, Centre for Modernizing Government Initiative (CMGI).
173/Min. Dt.31.03.2017 Voluntarily retirement from Govt.Service on his own representation.
107/Pers-I. Dt.21.02.2017 Retirement of Inspectors of Police on superannuation.
106/Pers-I. Dt.21.02.2017 Retirement of Drill Inspectors of Police on superannuation.
40/Pers-II. Dt.17.01.2017 Retirement of Subedars of Police on superannuation.
33/Pers-II. Dt.13.01.2017 Retirment of Armourer Sub- Inspector/Deputy Subedar of Police on superannuation.
28/Pers-I. Dt.12.01.2017 Retirment of Inspectors of Police on superannuation.
22/Pers-II. Dt.11.01.2017 Repatriation of WTC/1402 G.Behera to 5th I R Bn, Boudh.
21/Pers-II. Dt.11.01.2017 Discharge of Ex-Deputy Subedar Rabindra Khatua from Force.