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Good Work Done By Police

Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
25. Seragarh P.S. 14.05.2017 Felicitation to Maritorious students by Seragarh Police Station, Ganjam.
24 Baisinga P.S. 07.05.2017 Anti-liquor campaign organised by Baisinga Police Station, Mayurbhanj.
23 Chandrasekharpur P.S. 04.05.2017 Felicitated Marotorious student by Chandrasekharpur P.S. Bhubaneswar.
22 Bhubana P.S.Dhenkanal. 04.05.2017 Distribute Identity Cards to Senior Citizens by Bhubana P.S. Dhenkanal.
21 Amapani P.S. 03.05.2017 Janasampark sibira organised by Amapani P.S. Kalahandi.
20 Korei P.S. 03.05.2017 Opening of Jalachhatra by Korei P.S. Jajpur.
19 Koksara P.S. 01.05.2017 Janasampark sibira organised by Koksara P.S. Kalahandi.
18 Boriguma P.S. 16.04.2017 Swachha Bharat Abhiyan organised by Boriguma P.S. Koraput.
17 Boriguma P.S. 16.04.2017 Opening Jalachhatra by Boriguma P.S. Koraput.
16 Athagarh P.S. 10.04.2017 Workshop on Women Safety by Athagarh Police Station.
15 Boudh Police District. 15.03.2017 A Road Safety Awareness Rally organised by Boudh Police District.
14 Bhadrak Police District. 08.03.2017 Cleanliness Campaign and Plantation programme by Bhadrak Police District.
13 OSAP 6th Battalion,Cuttack. 07.03.2017 A Blood Donation Camp organised by OSAP 6th Battalion, Cuttack.
12 Nayapalli Police Station,Bhubaneswar. 26.02.2017 Police-Public Interface Programme by Nayapalli Police Station,Bhubaneswar.
11 Kandarpur P.S., Cuttack. 29.01.2017 Programme on Senior Citizens Organised by Kandarpur P.S. Cuttack.
10 Aska P.S. Ganjam. 26.01.2017 Republic Day Celebration by Ama Police Samiti, Aska P.S. Ganjam.
09 Gopalpur Police Station,Berhampur. 26.01.2017 A Blood Donation Camp organised by Gopalpur P.S., Berhampur.
08 CDA Phase-II Police Station,Cuttack. 22.01.2017 Programme on Senior Citizen's Organised by CDA Phase-II Police Station,Cuttack.
07 Choudwar P.S., Cuttack. 20.01.2017 Programme on Senior Citizens Organised by Choudwar P.S. Cuttack.
06 Tangi P.S., Cuttack. 16.01.2017 Road Safety Awareness Programme by Tangi P.S., Cuttack.
05 Mohana P.S., Gajapati District. 15.01.2017 A Road Safety Awareness Programme organised by Mohana P.S.,Gajapati.
04 Kissan Nagar P.S., Cuttack. 14.01.2017 Road Safety Awareness Programme by Kissan Nagar P.S. Cuttack.
03 Commissionrate Police, Cuttack. 12.01.2017 Traffic Awareness Programme by Commissionrate Police Cuttack.
02 N.H. Traffic P.S. Nakhara. 11.01.2017 Traffic Awareness Campaign by N.H. Traffic P.S. Nakhara.
01 Commissionrate Police, Cuttack. 09.01.2017 Road Safety Awareness Programme organised by Commissionrate Police, Cuttack.