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Passport Verification.

indian passport

Passport is an Official document, issued by the Government of India, Passport Office. On behalf of a sovereign nation state certifying the holder identity and nationality and authorising the holder to travel abroad for education, pilgrimage, tourism, business, medical attendant and family visits etc.

  • The Indian Passport is issued by the consular, passport & visa (CPV Division) of the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India through Regional Passport Offices (RPO) in India through the Consulates/Embassies in other countries.
  • Under the Passport Act 1967 the Government of India may issue different types of Passports and travel documents such as ordinary passport, diplomatic passport, official passport, emergency certificate and certificate of identity for the purpose.
  • Police verification is required for issue of passport, in order to ensure that, it does not go in wrong hands. Passport Office shall decide, whether police verification is required or not for issue of Passport.

         There are two modes of Police Verification:-

  1. Pre-Passport Issuance basis.
  2. Post-Passport Issuance basis.

              Depending on whether an application is for issue of fresh passport or re-issue of passport, Passport Office (PO) shall decide whether Police Verification is required for issuance of Passport. In most cases, issue of fresh passport, Pre-Police Verification would be required, exception being Government Servants on submission of 'Identity Certificate', or minors whose parent(s) hold valid passport etc. In most cases of re-issue, depending on records available in the Passport Seva system, police verification may not be required or only Post-Police Verification may be required, exceptions being re-issue of passport in lieu of lost passport or complete change of name.

              Police Verification is done to ascertain the criminal records of the applicant at his permanent and present address and detail report submitted to Passport Office thereof.

Acts & Links:-

The Passports Act-1967.

Passport Seva Consultar, Passport & VISA Division , Ministry of External Affairs Government of India, New Delhi.