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State Forensic Science Laboratory

The State Forensic Science Laboratory, Odisha located at Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar renders assistance to the investigating Officers by undertaking examination of physical clues exhibits collected during investigation of cases and from the scene of crime including from the suspects / accused persons. It provides expert opinion there of, to secure ends of Justice.

At present Seven Divisions are functioning in the State Forensic Science Laboratory, Bhubaneswar catering to the above needs. It includes :

1. Physics.
2. Chemistry.
3. Biology.
4. Serology.
5. Ballistics.
6. Toxicology.
7. Lie-Detection.

The State Forensic Science Laboratory at Rasulgarh, BBSR and three Regional Forensic Laboratories at Berhampur, Sambalpur and Balasore undertake the chemical examination of Physical clues collected from the scene of crime/ victim/ accused/ deceased. The results of chemical examination are furnished in the form of examination reports for aiding in detection of crime and prosecution of offenders. Besides, 15 district F.S.Ls. are functioning at each undivided police district headquarters. Seven specialised divisions are functioning in the State F.S.L. namely Physics, Ballistics, Chemistry, Toxicology, Biology, Serology and Lie Detection Division.

Over the years, the laboratory has been contributing meaningfully by visiting scenes of crime and submitting chemical examination reports to the courts. During the year 2015, 18,000 cases were examined. Considering the importance of forensic science in criminal justice delivery system, the Government of Odisha and the State Police Hdqrs. Cuttack have taken some major steps to improve the infrastructure and the technical facilities of the laboratory in order to liquidate the large number of pending cases of the laboratory and start new disciplines, such as DNA profiling and Cyber Forensics. A modern state of the art , well equipped DNA profiling laboratory was established during the year 2015 and it has started functioning satisfactorily. During this year, 26 Scientific Officers have joined various divisions of this organisation and 18 Graduate Constables have undergone six months’ training on scientific aids to crime investigation.

The State Forensic science Laboratory has conducted several training programmes for Police Officers, members of the Judicial Services and Public Prosecutors. The scientists of this organisation are frequently visiting Institutions, such as BijuPatnaikStatePoliceAcademy, JudicialAcademy, etc. to highlight the ever increasing role of scientific crime investigation in prevention, detection and investigation of crimes and administration of justice.