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Railway Police.


Name Rank Contact Details Photograph
Shri Pranabindu Acharya, IPS Addl.D.G.of Police,Railways, Odisha, Bhubaneswar. 0671-2306615 (Office)
0671-2301677 (FAX)


Shri Ashok Kumar Biswal, OPS (SAG) S.R.P. Cuttack 0671-2443982 (Office)
0671-2443982 (FAX)

Email Id :

Shri Trinath Patel,OPS-I S.R.P. Rourkela 0661-2600216 (Office)
0661-2600216 (FAX)

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Policing of Railways

The Government Railway Police (GRP) or the Railway Police is responsible for the maintenance of law & order and detection and investigation of crime on the Railways. The GRP is an integral part of the State Police Organisation.

The existing system in India is founded on one of the recommendations of the Railway Police Committee of 1921 which, in common with the Indian Police Commission of 1902-03 favored what they called the “provincial” system.

After Independence of the country, the Indian Constitution endorsed this system by which a Police force, which forms part of the State’s Police, exists for the entire Railways network within the limits of a State.

The GRP takes cognizance of all crimes which occur on the railway between the two distant signals and also of crimes which occur in the running trains. Crimes occurring on the railway line beyond the two distant signals is the responsibility of the District Police.

In some other States the jurisdiction of the GRP extends to the entire limits of the railway premises which would include the Railway Station and the Railway Track up to the limits of the fencing on its both sides, The District Magistrate, however, retains full jurisdiction over the entire railway system falling within his District and irrespective of whether a crime is investigated by the District Police or the GRP, magisterial cognizance is taken in the court of the District in which the scene of crime falls. The entire area falling within the jurisdiction of the GRP is divided into Police Circles each under a Police Station, same as in the case of District Police. The smallest unit of Police administration here also is the Police Station.

Police Stations are mostly located at important Railway Stations and those of them which have a wide jurisdiction may have under them one or more Police Outposts. Like the District Police, the Railway Police Station is also under the charge of an Inspector or Senior Sub-Inspector called the Station House Officer. He would be assisted by one or more Sub-Inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspectors depending on the volume of work and importance of the Police Station. The cost of the GRP is shared between the State Government and the Railway Administration.

For the efficient working of GRP, it is essential that it maintains the best of relations with the Railway Administration on one side and the District Police on the other. It has to depend on the Railway Administration for buildings and many other facilities. In order to control crime and maintenance of order at the railway premises, help and co-operation of the railway staff is of vital importance. Co-operation with the District Police is also very important for the success of the GRP as it much depends on the District Police for control of railway crime.

The criminals operating on the Railways live in the jurisdiction of the District Police and so is the case with all the receivers of stolen property. The GRP depends on the District Police for surveillance over them. Any connivance with or even indifference towards them on the part of the District Police can make task of the GRP extremely difficult. For arrests, raids on their hideouts and searches of their premises, the help of the District Police is sought.

The Railway Police Range Office, Odisha was created in the year, 1982. The jurisdiction of this Range is spread over about 1701 Kms. (Cuttack 831 Kms. + Rourkela 870 Kms.) under three Railway Zones namely South Eastern Railway, Garden Reach, Kolkata, East Coast Railway, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar and South East Central Railway, Bilaspur. Meanwhile, some new Railway lines (516 Kms.) have come up and few railway lines are under construction. At present, the manpower strength of the GRP Districts is 923 including Executive, Ministerial and Menials.

There are two Districts namely Cuttack GRP District with its Hdqrs. at Cuttack and Rourkela GRP District with its Hdqrs. at Rourkela.


Cuttack GRP District is also having two divisions namely Cuttack & Khurda

In Cuttack Zone there are three GRPs & six GROP are functioning. In Khorda Zone there are three GRPs & five GROP are functioning


Name of Dist. SDRPOs OFFICE Name of the GRPS Name of the GROPs
GRP Dist. Cuttack SDRPO Cuttack Zone Cuttack GRPS Talcher GROP
Paradeep GROP
Baranga GROP
Balasore GRPS Jaleswar GROP
Baripada GROP
SDRPO Khurda Rd. Zone Bhubaneswar GRPS Mancheswar GROP
Khurda Rd. GRPS Sakhigopal GROP
Puri GROP(upgraded to GRPS)
Nirakarpur GROP
Balugan B/H
Berhampur GRPS Paralakhemundi GROP


The GRP Rourkela District has got two railway divisions stationed at Jharsuguda and Rayagada.

In Jharsuguda Zone there are five numbers of GRPS are functioning & in Rayagada Zone there are three GRPs are functioning. GRP Dist Rourkela came into existence in the year 1983. At present it encompass 12 Revenue Districts of the State & spread over 2000 Kms on rails under four Railway Divisions namely East-Coast Rlys, Sambalpur/Waltair, S.E Railways Chakradharpur, S.E.C. Rlys Bilaspur. The jurisdiction of the GRP Dist. Starting from Koraput to Mayurbhanj managed by 08 GRPs/04 OutPosts .

GRPSs of GRP Dist., Rourkela.

Name of Dist.

SDRPOs Office

Name of the GRPS

Name of the GROP

GRP Dist., Rourkela

SDRPO, Jharsuguda Zone

Sambalpur GRPS


Jharsuguda GRPS

Bamara GROP

Brajarajnagar BH

Rourkela GRPS

Rajgangpur GROP

Bahalada Rd. GROP

Bondamunda GRPS

Bimlagarh GROP

Bolangir GRPS


DSRPO, Rayagada Zone

Titilagarh GRPS

Kantabanjhi GROP

Rayagada GRPS

Muniguda BH

Koraput GRPS





    1. Fairs and Festivals :- During Nabakalebara Car Festival -2015, about 15 lakhs of devotees visited Puri of which about four lakhs of devotees came to Puri by undertaking trains journey and 200 special trains were running for the safe journey of the passengers. Though huge congregation in and around Puri Railway Station and way side Railway stations were noticed, but no untoward incident took place due to elaborate police arrangement done by GRP.

    2. On 12.11.2015 at 04.25 PM, some culprits set fire to some coaches of three express trains like Puri-Nandankanan Express, Puri-Tirupati Express and Puri-Howrah Express trains at Puri Railway station. In this connection, one case vide Khurda Rd. GRPS case No. 83 dt.13.11.2015 u/s 436/438 IPC/ 4 PDPP Act/ 151/152/153 Rly. Act was registered and investigated into. During investigation, one accused namely R.Ramachdran Subash of Tamilnadu was caught red-handed and forwarded.

    3. During the year 2016, a Special drive was conducted under Muskan-II and during such raid all total 185 orphan children have been rescued from Railway stations with assistance of C.W.C members and handed over to the Child Line.

    4. Passengers are given proper awareness about drugging and property offence criminals and photos of some criminals have been pasted at all important Railway stations in conspicuous places.

    5. Due to sincere steps taken by the officers of the GRPS, no communal activity/Maoist activities could be noticed.

Security has been provided to 1034 VVIPs/ VIPs by the GRP.

The Railway Property (Unlawful possession) Act, 1966

Police Order 231 regarding The Railway Property (Unlawful possession) Act, 1966