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Odisha Disaster Rapid Action Force.


“The first line of life saving mechanism during disaster”

Rescue Operation during Bus Mishap at Cuttack on Dtd. 20th Nov. 2018.

ODRAF & Police Personnel rescuing the injured & shifting them to the Hospital in an saddened even of falling of Bus from Mahanadi Bridge at Cuttack on Dtd.20th Nov. 2018.

Operation of ODRAF Units during Cyclone Titli.

ODRAF Personnel working relentlessly in Rescue Operation, Distribution of relief, clearance of road blockage, shifting of affected personnel to Hospital. The un tiredness effort of ODRAF units & concerned Police Station to bring life back to normal in several flood affected regions.


      1. Reducing Casuality during Disasters.
      2. Clearance of Channels of Communication.
      3. Quick deployment of Equipment and Personnel.
      4. Reduce dependence on Army/Paramilitary Forces.
      5. Minimize expenditure and time lag.
      6. Support institutional arrangement.
      7. Timely intervention.
      8. Instill faith in the people.


Training & Techniques:

  • Trained in search and rescue techniques.
  • Under water rescue techniques.
  • Rescue from high rise buildings.
  • Rescue from debris.
  • First Aid Techniques.
  • Specialized search and rescue equipment.
  • Disaster specific equipment.
  • Communication equipment.
  • Relief line clearance equipment.
  • Trained Sniffer Dogs.
  • Medical Aid equipment.
  • Demonstration and mock drills.