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Women & Children Cell .

A number of crimes against women & children are being reported at various Police Stations of the State. The women complainants and victims often hesitate to reveal detailed facts before male Police officers. As a result, the investigating & enquiring officers face a lot of difficulties in investing/inquiring into such cases. The basic purpose of setting up the Women & Children Cell is to give special emphasis in investigation of Crimes against women & children, make women more comfortable at Women & child Cell, protect their privacy and handle all matters related to women & children.

Women and Children cells have been set up in each district Police Headquarters as per Police Circular Order No. 336/2013 under the control of Ss.P. of the districts assisted by DSP, DHRPC and comprising of Women Inspectors and women Police personnel to facilitate an integrated and improved response of the Police to crime against women & children.

To facilitate an integrated and improved response of the police in the matters of crime, Women & Children cell is functioning in each district headquarters headed by an Inspector who is responsible for ensuring that all calls /grievances are received properly and responded to.


1. Each Police district in the State will have a Women and children cell which will supervise the response of all the Police Stations of that district to all kinds of crime/ complaints relating to women, juveniles and children. This will function under the overall control of the district SP assisted by the DSP, HRPC (who have also been recently designated as Chairman of the Special Juvenile Police Unit). The SP may entrust enquiry/ investigation of important matters/ cases to this cell.

In this connection Police Circular Order No.336/2013 on Women & Children Cells,Help Line & Protection of PCR Vans have been issued,

The Women & Children Cell will comprise : i. An Inspector of Police (preferably a lady)

ii. S.I./A.S.I. of Police (preferably a lady) and
iii. 4 Constables of whom at least two will be lady Constables.

2. The District Protection Officer, appointed by the Government under the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, will be member of the aforesaid District Women and Child Cell. This will help in developing a better interface between the police and the District Protection Officer and also help in implementation of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005.

3. A Standard Operation Procedure for the aforesaid women and child cell at the district headquarters will be prepared and circulated. Government will be requested for sanction of manpower required for these cells on priority.

4. The AIHTU, wherever it is in existence, will be tagged to the said District Women and Children Cell for more effective co-ordination.

5. The District HRPC will therefore have two cells i.e. the Women and Children Cell under the Women Inspector of Police and the SC & ST Cell under another officer. Both the cells will function under the DSP HRPC (who has been recently designaged as head of the Special Juvenile Police Unit) under the overall command and control of the district SP. They will supervise the work of the Mahila and Sishu Desks at the Police stations and the Mahila Police Stations (wherever they exist).


6. There will be a dedicated “Women Helpline” with toll free telephone number “181″. The BSNL authorities as well as other operators have to be contacted in this regard. All calls made by the public to “181″ will land at the District Women and Children Cell of the respective district where at least one Constable will be present round the clock. In due course, call logging systems “Dial 181″ will be provided to these cells. Adequate publicity will be given to this facility.

7. The Inspector of the Women and Child Cell will be fully responsible for ensuring that all calls received to this number are properly answered and responded to. A log of all action taken will be maintained and weekly reports in a prescribed format will be put up to the SP on each Monday.

WOMEN AND CHILD PROTECTION PCR VANS The Cell will be provided with a vehicle and necessary staffs by the district Police for functioning of a woman and child protection PCR van which will attend to all urgent calls received from women in distress. A competent of lady staff in the PCR van is mandatory. This will be in addition to the normal response of the Police Stations to such calls. The W&CD department is requested to provide some vehicle for this purpose. The words “Women and Child Protection Vehicle” will be painted on this vehicle.


National Commission for Women

The National Commission for Women Act-1990.

National Policy For The Empowerment Of Women - 2001

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights