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Good Work Done by Odisha Police for the year 2019.

Sl. No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
77 Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore. 16.11.2019 Brown Sugar Seized by Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore.
76 Chitrakonda P.S., Malkangiri. 15.10.2019 Ganja Seized by Chitrakonda P.S., Malakangiri.
75 Turumunga P.S., Keonjhar. 25.09.2019 Inter-State Dacoit Gang Arrested by Turumunga P.S., Keonjhar.
74 Ganjam Police District. 13.09.2019 Ganja Seized by Ganjam Police District.
73 Malkangiri Police District. 09.09.2019 Bike Lifting Gang Racket Busted by Malkangiri Police District.
72 Khariar P.S., Nuapada. 07.09.2019 Awareness on Traffic Rules by Khariar P.S., Nuapada.
71 Gajapati Police District. 28.08.2019 Akshay Dana Patra Drive for Poor by Gajapati Police District.
70 Choudwar P.S., Cuttack. 23.08.2019 Gun Running Racket Busted by Choudwar P.S., Cuttack.
69 Kodala P.S., Ganjam. 19.08.2019 Traffic Awareness by Kodala P.S., Ganjam.
68 Ainthapali P.S., Sambalpur. 18.08.2019 Drug Adulterers Arrested by Ainthapali P.S., Sambalpur.
67 Ainthapali P.S., Sambalpur. 18.08.2019 Bike Lifter Arrested by Ainthapali P.S., Sambalpur.
66 Panikoili P.S., Jajpur. 17.08.2019 Distribution of Identity Cards to Senior Citizen by Panikoili P.S., Jajpur.
65 Panikoili P.S., Jajpur. 17.08.2019 Blood Donation Camp by Ama Police Samiti, Panikoili P.S., Jajpur.
64 Khetrajpur P.S., Sambalpur. 16.08.2019 Drug Adulterer Arrested by Khetrajpur P.S., Sambalpur.
63 Badambadi P.S., Cuttack. 11.08.2019 Murder Mystery Solved by Badambadi P.S., Cuttack.
62 Nilagiri P.S., Balasore. 11.08.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Nilagiri P.S., Balasore.
61 Capital Police Station, Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 10.08.2019 Robbers Arrested by Capital P.S., Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
60 Puintala P.S., Bolangir. 08.08.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Puintala P.S., Bolangir.
59 Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 01.08.2019 Murder Accused of Cuttack Serial Killing, Arrested by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
58 Gajapati Police District. 01.08.2019 UDAAN by Gajapati Police District.
57 Jajpur Road P.S., Jajpur. 01.08.2019 Drug Smugglers Arrested by Jajpur Road P.S., Jajpur.
56 Khurda Police District. 01.08.2019 Children Rescue Operation, Paree-III by Khurda Police District.
55 Special Task Force. 31.07.2019 Mining Mafia Nabbed by Special Task Force.
54 Town P.S., Sambalpur. 31.07.2019 Bike Lifting Gang Busted by Town P.S., Sambalpur.
53 Economic Offences Wing. 30.07.2019 Achievement of Economic Offences Wing.
52 Korei P.S., Jajpur. 26.07.2019 Road Safety Awareness by Ama Police Samiti, Korei P.S., Jajpur.
51 Malkangiri Police District. 25.07.2019 Ganja Seized by Malkangiri Police District.
50 Lathikata P.S., Rourkela. 24.07.2019 Injured of Dreaded Criminal in Encounter by Lathikata P.S., Rourkela.
49 Baliapal P.S., Balasore. 23.07.2019 Murder Mystery of Milk Vendor Cracked by Baliapal P.S., Balasore.
48 Hemagiri P.S., Sundargarh. 22.07.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Hemagiri P.S., Sundargarh.
47 Rayagada Police District. 21.07.2019 Awareness against Sorcery by Rayagada Police District.
46 Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore. 18.07.2019 Fake Mobil Factory Seized by Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore.
45 Special Task Force, (STF). 16.07.2019 Drug Smugglers Den Busted by Special Task Force (STF).
44 Nikirai P.S., Kendrapara. 16.07.2019 Dreaded Dacoits Arrested by Nikirai P.S., Kendrapara.
43 Sundargarh Police District. 09.07.2019 Plantation by Sundargarh Police District.
42 Kalimela P.S., Malkangiri. 07.07.2019 Ganja Seized by Kalimela P.S., Malkangiri.
41 Rayagada Police District. 02.07.2019 Bike Patrolling Launched in Rayagada Town by Rayagada Police District.
40 Gajapati Police District. 25.06.2019 SHE Team Project by Gajapati Police District.
39 UPD Cuttack, Commissionerate Police BBSR-CTC. 23.06.2019 Blood Donation Camp by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
38 UPD Cuttack, Commissionerate Police BBSR-CTC. 23.06.2019 Free Health Check-up Camp by Commissionerate Police , BBSR-CTC.
37 Kandhamal Police District. 23.06.2019 Distribution of ID Card to Senior Citizen by Kandhamal Police District.
36 Special Task Force, (STF). 21.06.2019 Leopard Skin Smuggling Racket Busted by Special Task Force (STF).
35 Malkangiri Police District. 21.06.2019 Security to Senior Citizens by Malkangiri Police District.
34 Sambalpur Police District. 20.06.2019 Success of Women Empowerment Team by Sambalpur Police District.
33 Rayagada Police District. 20.06.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Rayagada Police District.
32 Asika P.S., Ganjam. 19.06.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Asika P.S., Ganjam.
31 Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore. 18.06.2019 Heroin Seized by Sahadevkhunta P.S., Balasore.
30 Crime Branch, Odisha. 17-20.06.2019 Cyber Crime Training by Crime Branch, Odisha.
29 Daringbadi P.S., Kandhamal. 17.06.2019 Illegal Gun Factory Unearthed by Daringbadi P.S., Kandhamal.
28 Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 12.06.2019 Police-Public Interface by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
27 Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 11.06.2019 Police-Public Interface by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
26 Garabandh P.S., Gajapati. 09.06.2019 Child-Friendly Police Station by Garabandh P.S., Gajapati.
25 Malkangiri Police District. 08.06.2019 Good Initiative Work by Malkangiri Police District.
24 Malkangiri Police District. 08.06.2019 Ganja Smugglers Arrested by Malkangiri Police District.
23 Koraput Police District. 08.06.2019 Inter-State Drug Gang Busted by Koraput Police District.
22 Dharmasala P.S., Jajpur. 07.06.2019 Plantation by Dharmasala P.S., Jajpur.
21 CID. CB., Odisha. 01.06.2019 Blood Donation Camp by CID. CB., Odisha.
20 Jajpur Sadar P.S., Japur. 12.05.2019 Jalachhatra by Jajpur Sadar P.S., Jajpur.
19 Odisha Police. 07.05.2019 Karuna Camp by Odisha Police.
18 Baragarh Police District. 06.05.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Baragarh Police District.
17 Panikoili P.S., Jajpur. 11.04.2019 Jalachhatra by Ama Police Samiti, Panikoili P.S., Jajpur.
16 Firingia P.S., Kandhamal. 08.04.2019 Ganja Seized by Firingia P.S., Kandhamal.
15 Dharmasala P.S., Jajpur. 04.04.2019 Jalachhatra by Ama Police Samiti, Dharmasala P.S., Jajpur.
14 Rayagada Police District. 25.03.2019 Life Saving of Accident Victims by Dr. Sharvana Vivek, IPS, S.P. Rayagada.
13 Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 23.03.2019 Felicitation to Traffic Constable by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
12 Gajapati Police District. 18.03.2019 Fake Currency Minting Unit Busted by Gajapati Police District.
11 Keonjhar Police District. 27.02.2019 Inauguration of Witch Hunt Victims Memorial by Keonjhar Police District.
10 Koraput Police District. 15.02.2019 Student Traffic Volunteer Scheme Launched by Koraput Police District.
09 Cuttack Sadar P.S., UPD Cuttack. 14.02.2019 Felicitated for Life Saving of Students by Cuttack Sadar P.S., UPD Cuttack.
08 Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 11.02.2019 Launching of APOSSA by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
07 Mudlipada P.S., Malkangir. 08.02.2019 Ganja Seized by Mudlipada P.S., Malkangiri.
06 Nayagarh Police District. 01.02.2019 Illegal Gun-Making Unit Busted by Nayagarh Police District.
05 Dharakote P.S., Ganjam. 28.01.2019 Murder Mystery Cracked by Dharakote P.S., Ganjam.
04 Keonjhar Police District. 26.01.2019 Good Samaritans Felicitated by Keonjhar Police District.
03 Odisha Police. 24.01.2019 Student Police Cadet Scheme Launched by Odisha Police.
02 Khurda Model P.S., Khurda. 04.01.2019 Student Traffic Volunteer Scheme Launched by Khurda Model P.S., Khurda.
01 Khurda Police District. 03.01.2019 Student Traffic Volunteer Scheme Launched by Khurda Police District.