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The state has been allocated Rs.891.41 crore under MPF (Modernization of State Police Forces) Scheme during the period from 2000-01 to 2017-18. Out of this, a sum of Rs.875.21 crore i.e. almost 95.18% of the allocated amount has already been utilized.

The funds allocated are being spent on improving the mobility of the state Police (procurement of new vehicles including Bullet Proof Vehicles), acquisition of advanced weaponry, improving communication, improving as well as modernization of training facilities (purchase of training equipments including Cyber Crime investigation equipments), acquisition of new techniques/equipments for crime detection like Legal Interception unit, acquisition of advanced equipments for forensic examination, acquisition of modern equipments for bomb detection and disposal and anti-sabotage check, acquisition of modern equipments for police including traffic police (purchase of night vision devices, modern control room, CCTV based City surveillance system) and construction of non residential and residential buildings required by the State Police.

Further, the State has been allocated Rs.28.15 crore under the Scheme of Modernization of Police Force for the year of 2018-19.