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Community Policing.


Community Policing

“Sensitized Police for Empowered Society”

Community Policing revolves round the principle of pro-active policing through people friendly policing practices. It is a philosophy based on the concept that Police Officers and Citizen work together in a creative way to help solve contemporary community problems. It fosters to develop a new relationship with law abiding people in the community, allowing them a greater say in setting local policing priorities and involving them in efforts to improve overall quality of life in their neighborhood.


The “AMA POLICE” scheme was Launched by Hon’ble CM, Odisha on 1st April, 2013 at Markat Nagar Police Station of  Police Commissionerate of Cuttack Urban Police District.

Guidelines issued Vide Home Department Letter No.12664/D&A, Dt.26.03.2013 on successful implementation of the AMA POLICE Scheme.

Implementation & Reach of the Programme

  • Number of Ama Police Suraksha Samiti Members Selected : 780.

  • All the Districts have conducted meeting with the Samiti Members.


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News Paper Clippings:

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(The Dharitri Dt.23.09.2015.)

(The Sambad Kalika Dt.23.09.2015.)

(The Samaya Dt.23.09.2015.)

(The Pioneer Dt.23.09.2015.)

(The Samaja Dt.23.09.2015.)


    1. Prevention of Crimes.
    2. Furthering co-operation and mutual understanding between Police and the community.
    3. Furthering Security-related mutual co-operation among citizenry.
    4. House Visit’ by the CPO – acts as a ‘linking pin’ between the community and Police Station.
    5. Community empowerment & empowerment of the constabulary.
    6. Reduced trust-deficit between community and Police, free-flow of information.
    7. Synergy of Community resources in crime prevention.
    8. Better sense of security.
    9. Helps strengthening internal security.

Structure of the Community Policing unit in District/Police Station, Ama Police.

Ama Police Beat:

Each Police Station is divided into several Beats basing on the population. Each Ama Police Beat will be under the charge of an Assistant Sub-Inspector or a Head constable / Constable. The Beat Officers will be selected strictly on criteria of personality, integrity, voluntary attitude, clean service record, good conduct, non-addictive habits etc. The DCP/SP may select Beat Officers from among the manpower under his/her command. He should be well acquainted with area such as road, lane and by-lane of the beat area. He should also know all other establishments in the beat area. The Beat Officer should gain the confidence of the public in his area in such a manner that every common citizen should feel free to approach him and talk to him without any fear and with confidence in a comfortable manner. The Beat Officer should be a role model as far as his manners, etiquette and conduct are concerned.

Ama Police Samiti:

Ama Police Samiti is formed under each Police Station. The Chairperson can be decided by Samiti members in each meeting and a Sub-Inspector or an ASI from the Police Station may be designated as the Community Relations Officer (CRO) by the IIC/OIC. The Samiti may be reconstituted every two years.

Projects of Ama Police Samiti:

  • Night patrolling with public co-operation.
  • Co-ordinating with private security guards.
  • Knowing new residents and strangers.
  • Fitting Burglar Alarm and security systems.
  • Helping senior citizens and physically challenged citizens.
  • Protection of women and children.
  • Awareness programmes.
  • Traffic warden system.
  • Monitoring maintenance of street lights, traffic lights etc.
  • Implementation of projects encouraging blood donation.
  • Organizing self defence courses.
  • School based safety and vigilance programmes.
  • Monitoring illegal financial institutions.
  • Disaster Management and Mitigation.
  • Trauma, Rescue and First Aid Projects.
  • Co-ordination with Fire, Hospital and other emergency services.

District Advisory Committee:

District level, Advisory committee headed by the DCP/Superintendent of Police is formed to ensure proper supervision regarding the functioning of Ama Police project. The committee consists of 10 to 20 members. This committee reviews the working of Ama Police Samiti of the concerned District and give necessary suggestions instructions etc., for improvement of their performances.

Few Success Stories:

1. Police District Rourkela.

  • CPO C/1116 Hemanta Kumar Sahoo and CPO C/1218 Rubiaynus  Kujur  contacted by Smt. Chandana Pati seeking urgent medical assistance. CPO at his own initiative  hired an auto and proceeded to her house. Timely hospitalization saved her life.

  • CPO C/1116 Hemanta Kumar Sahoo of  Beat No.10 got an information of out break of a dispute between Azad Basti and Neherupali Mahala. Dispute arose between kids during  a cricket match.  Soon took a communal colour. CPO C/1116 Hemanta Kumar Sahoo reached the spot. Intimated the PS, called other CPOs. Since most of the youngsters were known to the CPO by face his presence had salutary effect of   curbing their aggressive postures. Very soon IIC arrived at the spot with adequate re-enforcement. The matter was soon resolved amicably and both the parties thanked the Police for its timely intervention.

  • CPOs under Plantsite P.S organized a rally to create awareness against consumption of liquor and drugs.

2. Nabarangapur District.

  • A dispute erupted  between villagers of Bokoda and Amalibhatta under Bokoda G.P arising out of distributions of forest wood. Beat Officer C/176 Purna Chandra Majhi brought the matter to the notice of CRO. He rushed to that place and tried to resolve the matter. Then he brought the matter to the notice of IIC/SDPO, Umerkote. They started to get resolved the issue with the help of Ama Police initiative and held a meeting of Samiti members attended by the people of both villages. The matter was resolved .

  • The Electric department, Nabarangpur decided to install an Electric Sub-Grid in the Govt. Land of village Adhikariguda for free flow of current, after getting approval from District Administration. As the land adjacent to Satanami sahi and Satanami people use the land for grazing their cattle, objected the acquisition of that land. On the interference and persuasion of  local administration the matter could not be settled. For which Police sought the immediate intervention of Ama Police to resolve the matter on 12.10.13 Ama Police convened a meeting of Satanami sahi people in presence of local Tahasildar and others. The matter was amicably settled and the Satanami people assured not to create any problem for installation of Electric Sub-Grid in that place.

Impact of Ama Police:

  • Women feel empowered.
  • Public feels empowered.
  • Accessibility of Police to people and vice-versa has increased.
  • Constabulary feels empowered.
  • Smaller issues affecting the community like drunkenness, gambling, street fights, eve teasing, loitering, wife beating etc. have reduced significantly.
  • Inflow of information regarding crime has improved.
  • Public appreciates the problems being faced by Police.
  • Public support in handling important law and order problem and communal situation has been garnered.
  • People’s participation in civic activities has increased i.e. evening patrolling, street lighting, bush cutting, jalachhatra, sports activities.

Positive Results of Ama Police:

  • Close co-operation between Police and the public.
  • Change in the behaviour of the Police Personnel.
  • Increased interaction of the Police Personnel with citizens.
  • Prompt response by Police.
  • Information flow helping in controlling crime.
  • Empowerment of constables.