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Police Welfare.

  • In the field of welfare activities in Odisha Police, remarkable development has been achieved. There are 12 nos. Police High Schools, in Odisha for providing the minimum educational facilities to the Police children. In these schools, the children of Police personnel are prosecuting their study.

  • R.K. Padhi Memorial scholarship of Rs.4,200/- each per student per academic year for 4 students i.e. one student each from Utkal University, Berhampur University, Sambalpur University and Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar are being awarded to the Best student (children of Police personnel) prosecuting P.G Level study.

  • In respect of treatment of the Police personnel and their dependant family members while suffering from different diseases, required funds in shape of Advance (Interest free) are being provided from Odisha Police Relief & Welfare Fund, which is recouped from their monthly salary in easy installments.

  • In case of the death of the Police personnel, more than Rs.2,50,000/-(Rupees two lakhs fifty thousand) only is being provided to the bereaved family of the deceased as Financial Assistance by collecting the same from all members ranks of Odisha Police as well as a sum of Rs.25,000/- is being provided for obsequies expenses in each case.

  • For the welfare of the family of the Odisha Police personnel, Family Welfare Centres have been established in different Police Districts and O.S.A.P Bns. where training on Tailoring and Type writing are being imparted, by which family members of Police personnel are able to earn some money regularly.

  • One Senior Police Officers Ladies Club has been established at Cuttack by the wives of the Senior Police Officers, which have a great role in assisting the children of the poor Police personnel.

  • During the natural calamities like Flood, Cyclone etc. in the State, one Welfare Team of Odisha Police under the banner “KARUNA” is always extending its assistance to the distressed people.

  • One Kalyan Mandap in Keonjhar Dist. and two Sulabha Sauchalaya i.e. one at Reserve Police Line, Buxibazar, Cuttack and another at O.S.A.P.6th Bn. Campus Cuttack have been constructed out of Odisha Police Relief & Welfare Fund for the welfare of the Police personnel.

  • One Police Bhawan and one Transit House have been constructed in the campus of O.S.A.P, 6th Bn., Cuttack as Rest Room for Police personnel, by which they are residing comfortably in Police Bhawan, while on tour as well as other medical treatment purpose etc.

  • One Police Kalyan Mandap has been constructed at Police Colony, Tulasipur, Cuttack, which is being provided to the Police personnel at a cheaper rate to perform their social functions i.e. marriage ceremony and sacred thread ceremony of their children.

  • One Recreation Club has been constructed at Puri, near Sea shore for the welfare of Police personnel.

  • One Subsidiary Police Canteen and one State Police Hdqrs. Canteen (Dry) have been established at Reserve Police Line, Buxibazar, Cuttack to provide essential commodities to the Police personnel at a reasonable price. Besides, 40 Subsidiary Police Canteens have also been established in different Dists./Bns. / Estts. to provide essential commodities to the retired / serving Police Personnel at reasonable price.

  • One Police Museum has been established in State Police Hqrs. Cuttack. Besides, for the development of the Odisha Police personnel Welfare Fund, three Petrol Pumps have been opened in Sambalpur district, O.S.A.P, 2nd Battalion, Jharsuguda and OSAP 3rd Battalion, Koraput.

  • Likewise, all Police Welfare Units are extending various support / help to the Police families of Odisha.

  • For the welfare of the Police personnel of Odisha, a total sum of Rs.2,60,11,523/- has been spent during the year 2020, details of which are given below:-

    1. Payment of obsequies - Rs. 24,22,500/-
    2. Medical Advance - Rs.1,97,74,942/-
    3. Other Welfare Measures -Rs.34,14,081/-
      as well as various welfare advance.
    4. Construction and repairing- Rs. 4,00,000/-
      of Building.


                                     Total = Rs.2,60,11,523/-

    (Rupees two crores sixty lakhs eleven thousand five hundred twenty three) only.