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Family Counseling Centre


One Family Counselling Centre of State Social Welfare Board is functioning in the State HRPC. In this Family Counseling Centre, various family and matrimonial disputes are being amicably solved through counselling. In the year 2017, a total of 125 such matrimonial disputes were received, out of which 75 have been disposed of and the remaining 50 cases are under process.

The duties and functions of Counseling Centre .

(1) To hear the grievances of the tortured women on account of dowry and other related tortures on women and record their statements and to enquire into the matter at their places of occurrences with a view to solve their problems amicably, enabling them to live with harmony and dignity.

(2) To make correspondence with higher quarters regarding cases is disposed of at their end and to submit monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual statements to various quarters concerning activities of the counseling centre.

(3) To maintain Registers and records indicating the names and addresses of the victim women those would come to counseling Centre for redressal of their grievances and in suitable cases recommend for them vocational training and job training with a view to economically make the distressed and deserted women economically independent.

(4) To provide counseling/guidance to the women concerned and also to family members so as to ensure restoration of happy family ties and harmonious relation between men & women, women and women.

(5) To keep liaison with other Governmental and non-governmental agencies providing allied services as and when required.

(6) To follow up the cases of effecting counseling and their cases of revalidation.

(7) To co-ordinate and liaison with members of staff of HRPC towards petition enquiries, handling of practicable cases and to look after the salient aspects of marital problems and ensure peaceful settlement of disputes and differences between parties through counseling, reconciliation and rehabilitation..

(8) To relieve the pressure of work on human rights Cell and Thana level when it comes to dealing with social and sociological aspects of problems of marital discord through counseling and conciliation.

(9) Generate awareness sensitization and growing social responsibility awareness amongst the persons who come with grievances of atrocities on women which includes social and societal literacy.

(10) The counselors will have to understand that counseling and conciliation is not the job of the Police and Police are over worked and are under considerable pressure to deal with problems of marital discord due to cracking up of joint family system or due to age old evil practice of exploitation of suppressed and oppressed women. They will exactly live in the domain of restoration of social harmony with effluent continuation of happy family concept through mediation and rendering appreciable advice, suggesting measures of reconciliation and prevention of cracking up of families.

(11) To liaison with Police at all levels.

(12) To hold periodic meetings with staff of HRPC and other members of district Police administration.

(13) To carry out the survey work w.r.t. reporting and non-reporting of cases of atrocities on women and submit analytical reports to HRPC.

(14) To liaise with other N.G.Os, Women's Organisations, and community at large, as to inform, advice, monitor cases relating to social disharmony resulting in atrocities and torture on women and take steps for atrocity prevention and ensure living of women with dignity through counseling. Provide monitoring of such occurrences of cases by ensuring visits, tours etc.

(15) To keep contact with short stay homes for harboring of destitute and deserted women at the district levels.

(16) To refer cases to HRPC where conciliation fails with a view to ensure legal action against the accused persons and to ensure initiation of legal process with a view to give relief to victim women.

(17) To recommend ways and means and suggestions for better functioning of counseling centre operating under HRPC.

(18) To study the areas and cases of vulnerability of women to violence and locate centers of atrocities on women and take up project work on the field, except and take the work in a team and interface with customs i.e. women with grievances and other related aspects by planning and exempting efforts for tacking the problem of family disharmony, marital discord with a view to restore peace and harmony and reduce societal tensions.

(19) Taking the various problems of women when referred to and study women's problem in the broader perspective of their decrease in number compared to men population with reference to Orissa and suggest measures for prevention of application of force on women towards social harassment and abuse particularly on urban and rural areas and coastal and Western Orissa.

(20) Through counseling, eradicate, evaluate Women's problems and educate women about their rights and the utility of their role in creating and maintaining happy families.



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