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How to apply for Arms licence ?

Arms and Ammunition

Purposes of Lawful Firearms Ownership is for Target-shooting, protection of person or property and private security. Firearm ownership is not permitted for the purposes of collecting or for hunting of animals for sport or food.

  • An application “Form – A” for the grant of license shall be made to the licensing authority i.e S.D.M. (Sub-Divisional Magistrate ) of District. The fees for the grant of a fresh license depend on the type arms for which the license is being sought.
  • On receipt of an application, the licensing authority shall call for the report of the Officer in charge of the nearest police station on that application, and such Officer shall send his report within the prescribed time. Officer shall check for criminal record of applicant as well as the veracity of all information declared in the application.
  • The applicant must declare all addresses that he/ she has resided at during the last 5 years along with the time period and duration from-to for each address. A verification report will be requested from the relevant local Police Stations at all the addresses provided by you.
  • The Licensing Authority, after such inquiry, if any, as it may consider necessary, and after considering the report received as mentioned above, shall subject to the provisions of the Act, by order in writing either grant the license or refuse to grant the same.
  • The Arms Act-1959

    Form of Aplication for Arms Licence under Arms Act, 1959

    Form of Aplication for Renewal of Arms Licence under Arms Act, 1959