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Good Work 2015.

Sl.No. Name Of Organisation Date of Implementation/Occurrence Subject
13. 5th IR Bn., Boudh. 20.12.2015 Blood Donation Camp by 5th I.R. Bn. , Boudh.
12. OSAP 6th Bn., Cuttack. 09.12.2015 Blood Donation Camp by O.S.A.P 6th Battalion, Cuttack.
11. Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 04.11.2015 Blood Donation Camp by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
10. Balichandrapur P.S., Jajpur. 28.10.2015 De-addiction Awareness by Ama Police Samiti, Balichandrapur P.S. Jajpur.
09. OSAP 4th Bn., Rourkela. 02.10.2015Plantation Programme by OSAP 4th Bn., Rourkela.
08. O.S.A.P. 6th Bn., Cuttack. 14.09.2015 Cancer Awareness by OSAP 6th Bn., Cuttack.
07. OSAP 2nd Bn, Jharsuguda. 09.09.2015 Benevolent Deed by OSAP 2nd Bn., Jharsuguda for the Nepal Earthquake.
06. Balichandrapur P.S., Jajpur. 08.09.2015 Plantation by Ama Police Samiti, Balichandrapur P.S, Jajpur.
05. Crime Branch, Odisha. 30.07.2015 Operation Muskan by Crime Branch.
04. Puri Police District. 17.07.2015 to 29.07.2015 Nabakalebar Rathayatra by Puri Police District.
03. Mayurbhanj. 01.07.2015 Operation Muskan by Mayurbhanj Police District.
02. Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC. 27.06.2015 Pink Auto Rickshaw Project by Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC.
01. Commissionerate Police, BBSR-CTC 15.05.2015 Mobile Application 'MO SAATHI' by Commissionerate, Police BBSR-CTC.